10 Most Absurd Laws Around The World

We need Law and Order in the world so that we can live in a peaceful and safe environment. But sometimes the lawmakers take it too far. We bring you the 10 most absurd laws around the world.

1. No Vicks Inhaler in Japan

In Japan, you cannot use any drug containing pseudoephedrine like Sudafed and Vicks Inhaler. They are prohibited.

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2. Ugly Face in Oklahoma

Oklahoma loves dogs. It is illegal to make ugly or funny faces at dogs in Oklahoma. You could be wandering around on a sunny day, make a face at a dog and BAM! you end up in jail.

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3. Wife’s Birthday in Samoa

There are strict repercussions for people in Samoa if they forget their wife’s birthdays. They could face severe punishment. One day of true forced celebrations!

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4. Overweight in Japan

Japan is ahead of everyone else in making absurd laws. When the world is fighting against body shaming, Japan still has this strange law that all people 40 and above can’t have a waistline above 34.5 inches.

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5. Changing Bulb in Australia

In Victoria, Australia, you need to be a qualified electrician to change your bulb. Next time your bulb expires, thank heavens that you don’t live in Australia. Small mercies!

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10 Most Absurd Laws Around The World

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