10 Pictures That Show the Love-Hate Relationship Among Siblings

Having siblings makes your childhood and teenage years worth it. They are your favourite people, you could play pranks on them, you could play pranks with them, they are your secret keepers, your guides through the life and whatnot. They are the first people you befriend yet you hate.

Being an eldest of the three, I would always gang up one my youngest sister with my brother. We ould scare her with weird voices at night. We even made her believe that she was not our sister, she killed our real sister and took her place.

That does not sound mean when you do that to your sibling, you know they would forgive you. Now, our sister laugh with us whenever we remember the funny anecdote.

Here are a few funny images that aptly explain the relationship.

1 We could share anything, but foood? No! But do they care? no again!

funny siblings day meme 2016 1a
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2. Sibling rivalry all summed up in one picture. 

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3. This sister knows how “to be there when you aren’t actually there” better than anybody.

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4. We are each others sofas

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5. This relationship is going to be fun.

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6. Nothing is more true than this! I hate my younger sister copying me! 


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7. It was nice knowing you, but time for you to leave. Bye!

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 8. All of us hate our siblings as kids, for one thing or the other. But, as we grow up and life treats us with its own evil ways, we have them to count on. ALWAYS!

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9. Fighting with siblings mean your and their things will have to face the consequences. You hide their things, they ruin your things. 

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10. “Please, Please! Stop crying. You can hit me twice. Or you could take my new shirt. Take some money but please keep it down.” There is no body you beg more than your sibling after you hit them hard. 

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What would life be without them?



10 Pictures That Show the Love-Hate Relationship Among Siblings