10 Products to Make House Cleaning Easy

We have never met people who like cleaning. It’s tedious and well, just boring.

According to a 2015 UK research, 1 in every 3 people spends two years of their life doing house chores. Now, how tragic is that?

Here are a few house cleaning products that could make you life easier.

1. Sprayway Glass Cleaner

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You could find a number of glass cleaners in any grocery store, but none compares to this one. Sprayway Glass cleaner has a foamy texture and it sticks to dirt particles rather than dripping off like most other cleaners.

2. Squeak’n Clean

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Are you tired of that extra layer on your coffee pot? Well, you just got the solution. Even the busiest restaurants vouch for it. Use it to clean the insides of your coffee maker and have your coffee flowing freely.

3. Method Daily Shower Spray

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Do you find it tedious to scrub your shower clean? Use it right after a bath on curtains, bathtub or walls so that you never have to scrub your shower again.

4. Windex all-in-one Tool

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Well, you cannot get away with not cleaning your windows. We know it is too much work. Windex all-in-one has an extendable tool that comes with changeable pads and it cleans around 20 windows. So, you definitely don’t have to worry about cleaning pads every time you plan to clean your windows.

5. Bar Keepers Friend

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This one could be used to clean almost everything. Bar Keepers Friend leaves your counters shiny. It won’t leave any chemicals that could harm kids.

6. Bounty with Dawn

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Bounty with Dawn is not your regular toilet paper. Add a little water to it and its Dawn detergent surfaces out on the paper. It cleans all sorts of greasy things off.

7. Scrub Daddy Sponge

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House cleaning is synonymous to scrubbing. There is no way there could be any house cleaning done without scrubs. How many times have you faced the problem where your scrubs wear off too quickly? We know, a lot! Scrub super daddy is long lasting and dries quickly too.

8. Bissel Vacuum

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Do you have a pet? If yes, then you must have the Powergroom Rewind Pet Plus by Bissel. It is specifically designed keeping pets in mind. You should always get a vacuum cleaner that suits your needs.

9. Sur La Table’s Rubber Gloves

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Everybody cares for their skin and detergents damages skin is a no-brainer. They are long so you do not have to worry about dirty and greasy water dripping down your arm.

10. Clorox Straight up jug of Bleach

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There is no cleaning without bleach. Period.


Hope this helped all the cleaners out there!



10 Products to Make House Cleaning Easy