Here Are 11 Tips To Make You Smarter Than Average Parents.

Raising children is a huge responsibility and involves a lot more than providing them with food, shelter, and protection. Organized and mindful parenting can produce compassionate and confident humans, and that is what the world needs.

Here are a few do and don’ts to be a successful parent.


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Building Up A Strong Bond

Be their best friend. Listen to them if you want them to value what you say. Healthy communication is a vital factor and can make children trust their parents and reach out to them in times of need.

Telling Them That You Love Them

Parents must voice their affection for their kids out loud. Children of expressive parents grow up to be loving people. Hug them and kiss them. Remind them that they matter.


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Making Them Respect You

Be their buddy but let them not forget that you are their parent. Though kids must not fear you, discipline at home should not be compromised especially when it comes to how they treat you. Your children must have a genuine regard for your role in their lives and you can achieve that by presenting yourselves as someone they can look up to.

Recognizing Their Individuality

Parents love their children more than anything in the world and want them to be a reflection of themselves. While children do inherit their parent’s values and ways of life, parents must respect their individual personality and opinions since childhood.


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Letting Them Have Their Own Dreams

While your wish to be a doctor wasn’t fulfilled, your son or doctor may never want to be one. Expecting them to be who you wanted to be is the most unfair thing. Let them have their own aims and support them in achieving their goals.

Training Them To Be Self-sufficient

Over-protective mothers and fathers make their children emotionally and intellectually dependent. Rather than clinging to them whenever a problem arrives, parents must let their children deal with life themselves. Yes, they’ll fall. But they need to learn to get up themselves.


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Encouraging Them To Polish Their Abilities

Parents are the first ones to see the scientist, the painter, the writer, the singer, the sportsman in their kid and they must not close their eyes to his or her innate talent. Their abilities need to be appreciated. Parents have to be both their first critics and admirers.

Teaching Them To Be Grateful

Tell them how blessed they are in a manner that makes them feel genuinely thankful for all they have got from divinity and you.


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Treating All Of Them Equally

It is okay to like a child more than other but all your children deserve to be treated the same way. There is nothing more painful than a biased parent. This can destroy a child’s self-esteem for he or she will feel rejected and inferior, resulting in sibling rivalry.

Dealing With Their Troublesome Behavior

Parents react angrily when children misbehave and worry about the child’s social attitude, ignoring its root cause. It is important to identify what is it that is making them act in a particular manner. Only then can a child’s nature be improved.


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Not Fighting With Your Spouse

Psychology proves that couples who have conflicts have a huge negative influence on their children. Yelling fathers and weeping mothers weaken a child from inside. Be polite to your partner in front of your kids. Your marriage will shape up their relationships in the future.

May your children be your happiness. Good luck.










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Here Are 11 Tips To Make You Smarter Than Average Parents.