11-Year-Old Beats Cancer – Loses Life to Bullying

Bethany Thompson, an 11-year old brain cancer survivor, committed suicide after giving up on her fight against bullying. She was so tired of being laughed at for her ‘crooked smile’ that she shot herself dead.

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Bethany was born in 2005. At a young age of 3, she was diagnosed with brain tumor. The little girl bravely defeated cancer, but it left its mark in form of nerve damage. As a result, every time she smiles, the nerve damage caused it to be ‘crooked’ which eventually caused her death. Her mother said that the smile wasn’t a big issue, but the little girl was very sensitive about it. She had often been bullied because of it.

The sixth grader’s mother told the Time that the bullying at school was ‘relentless’ and some of the boys she went to class with just wanted a reaction out of her. She would often react and sometimes, she would get really heartbroken, but she had her limits which had been crossed.

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On October 19th, Bethany’s classmates had continuously bullied her in the bus. She had faced extreme bullying and harassment in the last year at school because most of her bullies were in class with her. She was extremely upset on the bus ride to home as told by her best friend. She told her best friend that she loved her and she would always be her best friend, but she was going to kill herself.

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Bethany’s friend rushed home and told her father, who immediately phoned Bethany’s mother. However, the call came a little too late. Bethany had gone to the back porch where she found the gun. She pulled the trigger and took her life.

Via: CNN.com

She had even started a little campaign back in school against bullying, just a month before her suicide. The posters they made read: “Buddies, not bullies”. They were presented to the Triad Middle School in North Lewisburg, Ohio. They had even complained to the school several times, and the school had claimed that they had taken the necessary action.

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11-Year-Old Beats Cancer – Loses Life to Bullying

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