12 Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

We all love a movie with a completely twisted and unpredictable ending. Something that will make us stick to it throughout the movie. Here is a set of thrilling movies that you’ll definitely want to watch!


Directed by James Mangold, this movie revolves around 10 people who seek refuge in a small motel after a storm breaks out in the Nevada desert. But they soon realize they’re being killed off one by one and that the killer is one of those 10 people. The killer turns out to be very unpredictable and we guarantee you won’t be able to guess it till the end!

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A 2009 psychological horror film, where some yacht passengers encounter an accident that flips their yacht upside down almost killing those onboard. But a mysterious boat arrives in time allowing everyone to jump on the boat escaping an almost death experience. The ship looks completely deserted with the clocks stopped but there is a haunting sensation that someone is keeping an eye on them desperate to hunt them down one by one.

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An American crime thriller directed by Brad Anderson will keep you glued to the screen where Jordan ( Halle Berry) an operator for emergency call center receives a young woman’s report who’s been kidnapped and is locked inside the trunk of a car. That’s when Jordan jumps in and takes charge, desperate to save the life of the young teen.

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ENOUGH (2002)

An abused woman discovers the husband who once loved her dearly is nothing what she thought him to be. She tries to escape along with her 5-year-old daughter but always finds her husband chasing her persistently. Fearing for the safety of both herself and her daughter she decides there’s only one way o get rid of him, by killing him.

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12 Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

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