Photos That Will Transport You To The 1960’s: The Era Of The Hippies

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The dictionary defines a ‘hippie’ as a person who was raised under the ideological system that came out of the tumultuous 1960’s in North America and western Europe.

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The 1960’s are defined by the hippie counter-culture craze of peace and love. They rejected middle-class values, opposed nuclear weapons and the Vietnam War. They sought a new meaning to life and embraced Eastern philosophy whereas opposing political and social violence and promoting a gentle ideology that focused on peace, love, and personal freedom. This culture seeped into the lives of every citizen in the United States and western Europe and our grandparent’s generation was most definitely a part of that wondrous revolution of love. Here are a few photos that will transport you to the 1960’s.

Picture from the Woodstock festival, the most famous music festivals of all time.

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Left: A young hippie sits cross-legged in a New York City park in 1969. Right: A couple waits for the start of the Monterey Pop Festival in California in 1967.

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Photos That Will Transport You To The 1960’s: The Era Of The Hippies

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