This 20 Year Old Man Is The First To Get Pregnant In Britian

Source: TheLadBible

A British man has recently announced that he is pregnant. This is the first case in the entire country.

20-year-old Hayden Cross, from Gloucester, was born a girl but has been living as a man for three years. He is now legally male. He came off his hormone treatment to get pregnant after finding a sperm donor on Facebook and he is now surprisingly four months pregnant. “I want the baby to have the best. I’ll be the greatest dad.”

Via: TheSun

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Dad to be, Hayden, found a sperm donor on Facebook. This helped him make himself pregnant after putting his gender change on hold.

Via: TheSun

Hayden was desperate to have a baby. The unemployed former Asda worker asked the NHS to freeze his eggs before he completed his full transition. His request was done all in hope to have babies of his own someday.

Via: TheSun