Have you ever looked at models and thought about how they manage to look so perfect?

In a photo shoot, it is all about how you use your body language and how you pose.

Here is how to look absolutely fabulous during photoshoots:

1. Involving walls and resting places can make your body look so much better.

Via: 500px

2. Raise your chest a little, slightly lower your chin and pose towards the camera from a side.

Via: 500px

3. Slightly make an ‘S’ shape of your figure by putting more weight on one leg kept forward.

Via: 1x

4. If you keep your hand on a wall or some other vertical surface, it will make you look a lot more graceful.

Via: 500px

5. For someone with long hair, a sudden jerk would make their fly making the hair look a lot prettier.

Via: 500px
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