This Danish Artist Has Hidden 6 Giants In The Wilderness Of Copenhagen For You To Find

Waste sculpture artist Thomas Dambo has a surprise waiting for us and we need to head towards Copenhagen right away. Thomas is a Danish artist who works with recycled materials and turns trash into beautiful and meaningful artwork.

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Over the last 3 years, Thomas has made 25 big recycled sculptures around the world. Recently he made 6 giants in his hometown of Copenhagen and the best part is, they’re all hidden. Not only that, but there’s a map too and a poem that hints towards the other hidden giant as well.

“The sculptures are found in some of my favorite places around the city, places where people don’t go to often, because it’s off the beaten track.”

The sculptures can only be found by using a treasure map, or a poem engraved into a stone near each sculpture. These give hints on how to find the different giants,” Thomas explains.