7 Differences Between Having A Cat And Having A Baby

As a proud cat lady, I think this article is almost necessary.

You cannot just match the love and warmth a cat brings in your life (along with a lot of attitude too).

While babies can be extremely demanding, keeping a cat is almost as easy as 1, 2, 3… Keep them fed, give them water and just keep their litter clean.

Cats can even make themselves happy by chasing shadows and running into nothingness. That is how adorably crazy they can be!

Here is how having a kitty is better than having a baby – hilariously spoken through comics:

For all those who have gone through it, I seriously salute you. 

However, getting a cat is just super simple. That tiny meow will make you smile every single time!

Via: Ultimate Giggles

Can you imagine leaving your baby without a diaper? No? I thought so too.

You can leave your cat easily anywhere and she will quietly run to her litter box to poo and pee.

(I have had two incidents of my cat doing anything outside her litter box. I am so proud.)

(Can you say the same about your baby?)

Via: Ultimate Giggles

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Cats are almost inspiring! 

If something is really bothering your kitty, it will sleep it off. Your baby will do the extreme opposite!

Via: Ultimate Giggles



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7 Differences Between Having A Cat And Having A Baby

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