90 Percent Of The American Media Is In The Hands Of Only 6 Major Corporations

Ever wondered who controls the media? 90 percent of the media today is being controlled by 6 giant media corporations ONLY. Yes, that’s right. These corporations are the reason why the news you see on the television is extremely similar. So, the next time you’re recklessly flipping channels in hopes for something new to watch, remember, everything is pretty much the same everywhere.

All of these corporations play an important role in delivering propaganda, unending crisis narratives and social programming. It may not seem scary to you right now but let’s think over it for a brief moment. The glorification of war activities and government surveillance, promotion of egocentric, shallow and materialistic values, consumption, ignorance, sexualizing the youth, everything is coming from these corporations.

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These corporations own cable channels, television networks, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, movie studios, some of the famous websites, and even music labels. If that doesn’t make you shudder next time you’re scrolling down or flipping channels, I don’t know what will.

It is said that back in 1983, 50 corporations were responsible for controlling the media which have now been unfortunately brought down to only 6 behemoth corporations.

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As a result, these corporations are easily controlling the public perception. Since they have the power to show you whatever they please, they are constructing the society with their own hands. Ever wondered why the media doesn’t promote ideals of creative endeavours, conscious relations, unity and sustainable activities? Why is the opposite only being portrayed? Why do you leave your lounge or your desktop depressed or furious at what is happening around the world? Unless you go out of the way to seek truthful news, all of us are being fed by the same group of organizations everywhere.

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How did these corporations get exposed you ask?

In 2011, a blog called Frugal Dad posted a meme which went viral. Most of the internet has been using Frugal Dad as the source for this claim, however, the original claim arises from the book, “The New Media Monopoly” by Ben Bagdikian. Originally, Bagdikian claimed that the media was controlled by 5 major corporations, but over the years, this has been morphed into 6 corporations.

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90 Percent Of The American Media Is In The Hands Of Only 6 Major Corporations

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