9/11 : After All, It’s Courage That Conquers!

“To proceed towards healing – realize what’s in store and how to deal with the dreadful reminders of past”

It’s been 15 years since the atrocious event took away the lives of around 3,000 people in New York City and Washington D.C, leaving behind thousands of victims still struggling to cope up with such a nasty past.

But, what the attack couldn’t take away from them is the courage to fight back!

Lorrain Gilmartin- one of the sufferers of the event who moved to the US from Glasgow with her brother Ian and parents Patrick and Eleanor in 1982 is all set to step in the city 15 years later 9/11 to raise above all her fright.

She has avoided the truth of the World’s most noticeable monstrosity, ever since she escaped the 60th floor of World Trade Center, South Tower.

“I settled on the choice to go out and inquire that everything was fine as soon as the first plane hit the building and I still remember the horrific intensity of the metal clanging outside my office window.” Lorraine said.

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She revealed that when they were asked to stay on their places for some while she deliberately refused to hold on, ran to the 44th floor and fled their way out, when another passenger jet hit their building.

“There is nothing that can ever reduce the impact of that Tuesday of September 11 on my life” she said while recounting her experience.

“Because you have survived something worst like this, you begin to trust that it can happen anytime when you least expect it”

Her brother Ian said that when the World Trade center was under attack “I asked my friend to not leave the hospital as we can get a wide number of causalities or major injuries”. Although he was in New Jersey for a site visit at that particular instant, he said that he felt helpless because the more he tried to call Lorraine the more he got worried because he could not reach her voicemail even once, he added “I will never forget calling non-stop just to hear her voice.”

“I was listening to the news while rushing my car towards the South tower when I came to know that the tower has collapsed. I froze for a moment, almost believed that I have lost her, I could feel tears rolling down my eyes while the rest of me was totally numb”

Lorraine told in an interview later today that they haven’t discussed anything about this incident ever since, it eats them alive. But for the sake of her children she said, I have grown a lot ever since. Soon after 9/11 it was so hard for me to maintain my pace while driving I was utterly shattered mentally and physically. I had to put a lot of effort to make a simple walk. Often I would wake up crying but I have overcome my fears over time. I am now a happily married woman, my kids – Sean and Brooke have a great support of their dad John. Today as I look back I realize that a lot has gone and a lot has yet to come. I don’t want my children to get exposed to the terror and attacks so I try to keep them away from the stories of my past. They often ask me how I felt, how I survived and I calm them down by saying that I was there and lucky enough to get out of there alive and fine.

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I would rather rise up from the distress than remembering that event over and over. I know I will always remain a victim but I’ve preferred to be a survivor instead. She concluded.


Let us all raise a toast to the survivors and to the victims.

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To feel their anguish we have to see through their eyes!



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9/11 : After All, It’s Courage That Conquers!