Bad-Ass Ways To Ace Exams With Zero Preparation

You know that exams are near but you decide to binge watch 13 Reasons Why. Now you’re left with no spirit to exist and you have to give exams with no preparation at all? Worry not because here is the perfect solution for you to ace exams with zero preparation. However, this is risky business because you might end up with an F as well:

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1. Draw adorable diagrams on the exam. Also, write a cute little note to the teacher so they are forced to see the cute side of yours.

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2. If necessary, threaten your teacher a little too because that might scare them off and get you a few marks:

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3. Look carefully at the question because the answer is in the question. 

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4. Use your general knowledge as much as you can. 

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Bad-Ass Ways To Ace Exams With Zero Preparation

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