12 Brilliant And Easy Ways To Win An Argument On The Internet

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Did you know it’s not that hard to win an argument? There is an art to being right, and some legit ways to win arguments, especially on the Internet. Living in an era of completely open and diverse Internet, we often happen to discuss topics with complete strangers who have nothing to lose as they hide behind random usernames. How many times have you had a comment battle on blogs and posts on different social media websites? All of us have been there but how to make sure that you have the last word? Don’t worry. We have you covered. Here are some rules by Arthur Schopenhauer which you  need to follow to  make sure you win the argument and get to keep your head high, across the laptop screen, with somebody oceans apart.

  • Carry your opponent’s proposition beyond its natural limits; exaggerate it.

The more general your opponent’s statement becomes, the more objections you can find against it. The more restricted and narrow your own propositions remain, the easier they are to defend.

  • Ignore your opponent’s proposition, which was intended to refer to some particular thing.

Rather, understand it in some quite different sense, and then refute it. Attack something different than what was asserted.

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  • Hide your conclusion from your opponent until the end.

Mingle your premises here and there in your talk. Get your opponent to agree to them in no definite order. By this circuitous route you conceal your goal until you have reached all the admissions necessary to reach your goal.

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  • Use your opponent’s beliefs against him.

Example, if the opponent is a member of an organization or a religious sect to which you do not belong, you may employ the declared opinions of this group against the opponent.

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12 Brilliant And Easy Ways To Win An Argument On The Internet

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