So kids these days can use Youtube professionally. That age may come when babies will be born with the ability to text and use phones properly. We can only imagine what that will be like, right? An account on Instagram does that and uploads screenshots of conversations that could happen between babies, their parents, and their pets. Check them out:

1. Babies are so cute. They are always trying to surprise their parents with little things such as boogers in their lunch. 

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2. I think the mother was only trying to get some space but you don’t get to ask for space from someone who has leverage over you. 

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3. They will also be their grandma’s reporters updating them with everything that they need not know.

This one must have come home and told the mother that she was irresponsible.

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4. They will also text their favorite cartoon characters important stuff because they need all the love and support in this world. 

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