Story Of A Baby Born With Mermaid Tail

Shiloh Pepin, famously known as a ‘mermaid girl’ was born with fused legs.

The American girl born with fused legs; sirenomelia, also known as ‘mermaid syndrome’ died at the age of 10.


At the time of her birth, the doctors weren’t really hopeful if Shiloh would survive more than a few hours. But, Shiloh was a tough girl and she lived for ten years.


It is not the fused legs that lead to their early demise, but a host of other medical problems, usually it has to do with the kidney and bladder development. Regardless, some kids beat death until infancy, including Shiloh.

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Shiloh was born with one partially working kidney, no bladder, or genital organs.

All the kids who live till infancy go through surgeries to separate their legs, but not Shiloh. She did have a kidney transplant at the age of two, though.




Story Of A Baby Born With Mermaid Tail

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