This Baby Had A Harry Potter Themed Photoshoot And It Was Nothing Short Of Magical

Kayla Glover, an Illinois-based photographer has been a die-hard Harry Potter  fan since she was 10 years old and so has taken her love for the character by transforming her 4-months-old baby daughter into the wizard in a magical photoshoot. Grover posed her little one in a cauldron, wearing a pair of Harry Potter glasses, her niece’s wand and a Gryffindor scarf.

Photographer Kayla Glover, aged 29, from Chicago posed her four-month-old daughter Lorelai Grace in a cauldron, wearing Harry Potter glasses and a Gryffindor scarf for a magical shoot Via: huffingtonpost

The Harry Potter themed photoshoot was nothing short of adorable. Lorelai Grace, the 4-months-old was surrounded by all the Harry Potter props and books her mother had saved all these years.

‘I am a huge Harry Potter and I’d had the vision of a photo shoot in my head for a while. I knew whether I had a boy or a girl I would be using this theme and taking these pictures,’ she said.

‘My daughter actually has a lot of Harry Potter’s features with her captivating eyes and messy hair so she made it very easy.’

The adorable youngster can be seen wrapped in a Gryffindor scarf, surrounded by the famous books Via: huffingtonpost

Kayla added: ‘My favourite picture is the image of her lying on her back with the books surrounding her, wand up at the ready to cast a spell’

‘I had purposely waited to do this shoot until she was at an age where she could hold the wand. It was very important to me in order to add that level of authenticity’

‘This picture just speaks to me on so many levels because of her pose and expression. It’s so very whimsical yet innocent.’

Layla’s photos have been a huge success since she shared them online and she says that Lorelai’s shoot has brought a lot of joy to many people Via: huffingtonpost

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Kayla is married to Bradley and had recently resigned from her previous job to follow her dream of photography. This isn’t the first themed photoshoot of Lorelai. After she was born, she has been a part of a number of themed photoshoots for her mom.

Lorelai Grace Glover with her dad and photographer mum Kayla, who admits she planned the Harry Potter shoot before her daughter was even born Via: dailymail

She added: ‘I’ve done themed shoots for Lorelai each month of her life. I just recently did a session with her dressed as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. I love themed shoots in general,’ she added. ‘There is something about merging fantasy with reality – visual storytelling is such an incredible aspect of photography and when you combine it with the beauty and innocence of a baby, something very organic and special happens in front of the camera’

Via: dailymail

‘I’ve been very blessed with a daughter who for some amazing reason has been able to connect with the camera since, literally, the day she was born.

‘Her expressions have always been genuine and natural. I don’t think these pictures would be as adorable without the “magic” she brought to life in them!’

This Harry Potter themed photoshoot has been a roaring success online. At the just of 4 months, Lorelai has already gained internet fame and has brought a lot of joy not to her parents alone, but to all the people who’ve seen her delightful photoshoot. Through her photography, Kayla hopes to bring smiles and joy to people who are in distress and to people in generally with everything bad that’s happening around the world.

‘With a lot of bad things going on in the world around us, I hope my work can, if even for a brief moment, inspire someone and make them smile’, She added.



This Baby Had A Harry Potter Themed Photoshoot And It Was Nothing Short Of Magical