Mama Monkey Teach its Child How To Use A Tablet.

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The video showing a well-dressed monkey who appears to teach it’s child how to use a tablet has gone viral.  The monkey is holding its little one in a humanly manner while it scrolls on the gadget.

The animals are sitting on a cozy bed against a large luxurious looking pillow. The video has been viewed more than 212,000 times on the People’s Daily Online’s Facebook page and has been shared by various other media organizations.

Scientists today claim that monkeys are really smart. Are they our ancestors or not is a question yet debatable but their potential to be evolved should be accepted viewing this short clip.

There’s another side to the video though. “The monkey is an organized sarcasm upon the human race”, said Henry Ward Beecher. The video too can be watched from a whole new perspective: Mockery of mankind through a mimicry of his modern lifestyle. Maybe today’s human is a suited monkey playfully indulged in technology. The activity of the two monkeys seems to convey what new generation of man is inheriting from the last. We are a developed species but the world we have created for ourselves is handicapping us and reducing homo sapiens back to our simian status.





Asma Tariq

EDITOR IN CHIEF, Author, Poet, Playwright, Lyricist, Winner of Quaid-e-Azam Standards Award by Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) in English Essay Writing.

Mama Monkey Teach its Child How To Use A Tablet.