Bathroom Signs That Are So Unusual That They Are Hardly Seen

Creativity can be used anywhere. Some people are so creative that they even use amazing creativity while making bathroom signs. Some people don’t go the boring way of typical bathroom signs. It is believe since the say of dawn that men women come from two different dimensions. Some creative and intelligent people uses a lot more differences that just the typical signs between men and woman and create hilarious bathroom signs.

1. I don’t understand why the signs have no legs, or why are they conjoined in men’s case. Am I too dumb to understand this?

2. This one’s pretty old and sexist, so not a fan of it.

Via Twitter: Inge Vernooy

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3. Too creative. I mean how do artists think? They are just geniuses.

Via Twitter: Julie Linley

4. Is this meant to be a dirty joke or do I just have one track mind?

Via: Reddit