NASA Just Released The Most Fascinating Before And After Photos

The Earth is actually constantly changing and nothing proves that right more than the photos taken by the NASA satellites which constantly monitor the Earth, snapping photos and sending information to researchers on the ground. These photos give us a new perspective of the events that have changed the Earth such as landslides, floods, and climate change. Just recently, NASA released a series called the “Images Of Change” which reveal how our world has changed over the past three decades. Here are 10 of the before-and-after photos revealing how the disasters, trends, urbanization and other changes have affected our planet. It’s important to remain aware of how we affect the Earth and vice versa.

Fort McMurray wildfire

In May 2016, a wildfire broke out near Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada which destroyed 2,400 homes and businesses and burned through roughly 1,500,000 acres of land.

Before. October 17, 2015.

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After. May 12, 2016.


In 1988, wildfires burned through over a third of Yellowstone National Park.

This is what it looks like 28 years later. Much of the forests and plains have returned.

Utah’s Great Salt Lake

Persistent drought in Utah’s Great Salt Lake has shrunk water supplies throughout much of the West. Scientists believe it is due to climatic change.

Before. August 1985.