Binge Watching GOT becomes A New Couple Magnet!

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Embrace your mate even better than ever with this sizzling new discovery that says:

“Binge watching Game of thrones together brings couples closer”

You don’t have to be brave while watching game of thrones just learn the rules and play as you fancy.

Sharing a TV friend with your significant other could be a way to your blushful relationship. The recent research demonstrates that couples who fling on box sets together are less likely to separate.

According to the article published in Journal of social and personal relationships the scientists by the University of Aberdeen verifies that:

“Imparting a social world to an accomplice has been conceptualized regarding sharing genuine social encounters. In any case making these encounters may not be possible in every case. Luckily people are surprisingly adaptable in discovering these approaches to satisfy their social needs. When people’s requirement for social association are undermined, they swing to an assortment of social surrogates that give substitute pathways to address this issue.” – Sarah Gomillion. Naming this a “social fiction” added that having more companions regardless of the fact that they are TV characters makes it possible for the duos to connect with a bit more intensity. We can build solid associations with TV characters that can equally feel like the relationship we have with someone else. She explained.

Shows like “Game of Thrones” shares a common interest between individuals and becomes in-charge of your cheerful co-existence. It also gives out a number of psychological benefits that will eventually turn out in the best interests of viewers who follow such shows with similar identity traits on regular basis.

This in its own way is critical in light of the fact that couples regularly feel inspired to associate with another person and share common identities.  She said that this makes couples to dwell in the fantasies they would never know were there from the very beginning. This also brings out the missing spark in them. Self expan

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sion like this can satisfy the things that we don’t have in present reality.

She concluded the explanation by proposing that “Two individuals always become a unit, they become a “We” rather than two “me’s”.

‘True companions can help connections last, they can give backing to the relationship, they can as well help after separation”

To cut it short, media representation of ‘Love’ is not only opening doors for the couples to come closer but is even grabbing a lot of opportunities for their high ratings.



Time to look for a TV Friend!



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Binge Watching GOT becomes A New Couple Magnet!