Bizarre Things About China That Are Unbelievable Until You Actually See Them

China is a fascinating place with a rare combination of old traditions and modern advancements. Some of their traditions are so bizarre that one might think that they are just made up.

Here are few weird and unbelievable facts about this amazing country. I am warning you, though, so of them are too disgusting.

1. Chinese kids your age never played games

Via: Pixabay

All video games, be it Playstation or Xbox, were ban in China. They recently lifted the ban in 2014.

2. Kids can poop anywhere in China

Via: The China Box

It is completely acceptable and common in China for kids to wear split pants. You could see mothers holding their kids, split pants downwards, over public trashcans for their kids to poop. Diapers, probably, have no business in China.

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3. Geese can also have jobs in police

Via: Telegraph

Chinese believe that geese have great vision and can be pretty aggressive, hence, dogs aren’t the only animals who are hired by the police in China.

4. Soccer originated in China

Via: Sports Fitness Advisor

Cuju, the word means “kick the ball with foot,” was a very popular game in China during the reign of Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). It was later adopted by their neighboring countries, Japan, Korea etc. and then later spread through the whole world and is now the No. 1 sport.



Bizarre Things About China That Are Unbelievable Until You Actually See Them

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