Brutally Honest Comics Women Will Absolutely Love


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Deya Muniz is a Brazilian cartoonist and guilty of making the most honest and genuine comics that any woman could relate to. We agree that some of these comics can be stereotypical, but trust us, this a ‘been there, done that’ for many women out there. Her humor revolves around the daily experiences most women seem to go through. They range from random moments in the bathroom to going out in public. Her comics ring a little too true and realistic at times but they guarantee to leave you laughing like crazy and the of course ‘This is SO totally me!’ .. If you’re a woman, you’re at the right place.

Take a look at them below and pick your favorites.

Each time you skip washing hair because they looked perfect in the mirror BEFORE you left home!

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Looks like somebody is PMSing, or just needs food. Can’t really tell.

The BEST feeling in the world ..