When His Application To Build A Garage Got Rejected, This Man Had A Brilliant Idea


Some cities and towns maintain a strict construction design and do not allow their residents to renovate in a manner that mismatches their standard aesthetic rules. If you have experienced living in an area that was home to historical architecture, you understand how authorities act adamantly. It is nearly impossible to convince them to allow you to change anything according to your personal wishes or requirements.

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A retired Belgium shop owner Eric Vekeman wanted to build up a garage door and submitted an application to his local council. They, however, disapproved of his plan, arguing that it did not suit well with the neighboring design.

This ground level floor used to be a shop that was owned and run by Eric before he retired. Now, he intended to convert this shop into a garage for his car. He first adopted the legal way and approached the appropriate channel to get a permit but was unsuccessful.