Of All The Attempts To Assassinate Castro, This One Is The Most Bizarre

Fidel Castro lived a life of pride and his death is no less dignified. This revolutionary icon dodged 638 murder attempts, according to Fabian Escalante, former head of the secret service of Cuba, and died a natural death at the age of 90 this Friday. This man of great courage, seen as a hero by many and a villain by some, gave CIA the hardest time ever.

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From poisoning his ice cream, building an exploding seashell and creating a pen with a hypodermic needle in it to hiring his ex-lover to reach him, CIA tried every trick possible to kill Fidel Castro, but all in vain.

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But, among this unbelievable variety of CIA plots, the most absurd happened in 1961 when a box of Castro’s cigar was filled with fatal substances. According to Church Committee’s report:

“A notation in the records of the Operations Division, CIA’s Office of Medical Services, indicates that on August 16, 1960, an official was given a box of Castro’s favorite cigars with instructions to treat them with lethal poison”

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“The cigars were contaminated with a botulinum toxin so potent that a person would die after putting one in his mouth. The official reports that the cigars were ready on October 7, 1960; TSD [Technical Services Division, the CIA’s science/gadgets arm] notes indicate that they were delivered to an unidentified person on February 13, 1961. The record does not disclose whether an attempt was made to pass the cigars to Castro”



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Of All The Attempts To Assassinate Castro, This One Is The Most Bizarre

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