These Cats Have Photobombed And Ruined The Most Perfect Pictures

If I were to describe cats in one word, I would say they are legendary. These little beings are so self absorbed that they do not care about – not unless you haven’t fed them, played with them, gave them clean litter or are their favourite hooman! Check out some cats who ruined the most perfect pictures by making the cutest faces:

1. So what if they are kissing and it looks like a super special picture? You should only take a picture of me!

2. It looks like a perfect picture until you look down at the fur-ball trying to make the picture purrfect.

Via Twitter: Keamo

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3. This cat prefers showing you its buttocks then letting you see a beautiful couple amidst the beautiful view. 

4. How mad must have this bride been when this cat and her claws must have landed on her?

Via: Reddit