Celebrity Assistants Share Horrible Stories About Their Bosses

There is always more to a celebrity than their television and event appearance. No matter how sweet and kind they seem, you cannot assume that they are just the same off-screen as well. Even the nicest reality television starts are monsters in real lives. Here are some revelations from celebrity assistants that will surely shock you:

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1. Khloe Kardashian does not like to do her housework and only shouts at her assistant.

She also fakes eating cookies and everything else. Obviously, you cannot get a body like that by eating cookies.

When Hrush and Andrew are your photo directors…… head tilt time! 💋

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2. Apparently, Jennifer Aniston feels really hot throughout the filming of her scenes so she constantly needs her assistant to hold out a fan for her.

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3. So the much loved Justin Bieber apparently has this crazy habit of mixing soda with cough syrup and consuming it as a drink.

His housekeeper worries that he could become the next Michael Jackson and be found dead someday.

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4. Mariah Carey is so spoiled that she does not even wash her own hair. She will either get it done by a professional or ask her assistant to wash her hair.

Good mornting! 😄

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Celebrity Assistants Share Horrible Stories About Their Bosses

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