13 Celebrity Secrets That Only Their Bodyguards Can Tell You

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Being a celebrity can sometimes be a shady thing. They are not always the perfect angel that the world wants to see but that is something only their bodyguards can reveal.

Here are a few actual celebrity stories, as shared by their bodyguards, that you won’t believe!

1. Justin Bieber actually beat up his bodyguard for keeping his friend away whom the bodyguard thought was just a fan.

He later sued Bieber and they had to settle.

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2. Brangelina couldn’t fit into the real world owing to their celebrity statuses.

In addition to that, Angelina is apparently very demanding and their fights end up in throwing knives at each other.

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3. Apparently, Depp was the abusive one, but Amber had her fair share of temper issues.

They were, however, absent during the main incident.

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4. Frank Alexander in his book on Tupac shared some horrific details.

“Got Your Back: Protecting Tupac in the World of Gangsta Rap” depicts that Alexander would faint over his actions.

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5. Steve Stanulis was fired for flirting with Kim.

He later said that Kanye was very selfish.

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13 Celebrity Secrets That Only Their Bodyguards Can Tell You

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