Time and again we have come across nerve-racking cases of people being subjected to child abuse. What may seem trivial and meaningless to the attacker, forever scars the victim emotionally, damaging their sense of self and the ability to have healthy relationships in the future. Everything that reminds the victim of their heart-wrenching experience terrifies them to the point that they can never function the same way as normal people do. The effects are more than just broken bones and bruises.

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A 70-year-old man, identified as A2, has been left with a lifelong fear of toilets. The survivor had suffered years of sexual abuse at an Australian farm.

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The victim had been taken from his mother as a toddler and was shipped to Fairbridge Society farm school at Pinjarra in Western Australia in 1954. Recalling his time at the farm he said: “nearly every day was rape day.”

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The victim remembers being sexually assaulted in the bathroom of the Fairbridge cottages where 12 other children lived with him. “I’m 70 and I still don’t like going to men’s toilets,” he said.

Via: SydneyMorningHerald
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