This Is How Twitter Reacted To Blac Chyna Leaving Rob Kardashian

I’m sure none of us has missed out on the messy drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna .. And if by any chance you have been living under the rock and missed out something, don’t worry. Basically on Saturday night, some pretty serious drama took over the various social media accounts owned by Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. After Chyna’s Instagram was supposedly hacked by someone wanting to expose her, which she quickly took control of, she regained her account and deleted the snaps. On the other hand, Rob posted some SnapChat videos in which he cried and claimed Blac Chyna had left taking along their child Dream, and even took his Eggos!A crying Rob filmed clips of Dream’s empty bedroom, a Christmas tree without any presents, and a cleaned-out kitchen. However, people think it was just a publicity stunt. Crazy right? Anyway, you don’t need to get into the ugly details, rather enjoy these hilarious twitter reactions to the Kardashian drama ..

We have the actual photo of Blac Chyna fleeing with the eggos ..

Via: Buzzfeed

She missed her bangs ..

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When Rob decided to call 911 after his Eggos got stolen ..

What actually happened before Rob got home.

Blac Chyna and Real China are playing too many games!



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This Is How Twitter Reacted To Blac Chyna Leaving Rob Kardashian

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