The Best New Comics From Jim Benton’s New Book

Jim Benton’s is a much celebrated cartoonist. His first book sold over 10 million copies and was on the list of New York Times Bestselling!

He is one of the top cartoonists on Reddit. Not only that, but his first comics collection was nominated for an Eisner.

Check out some comics from his new book: ‘Man, I Hate Cursive: Cartoons for People and Advanced Bears’

1. I have never really understood the reasoning behind the kind of art that sells.

Via: Jim Benton

2. The prerequisites of being a good wizard must include legible cursive handwriting to prevent mistakes.

Via: Jim Benton

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3. Things may not always work in a way that you want them to.

However, that does not mean that they won’t work at all!

Via: Jim Benton

4. Since the modern era is all about demanding new and modified rights, it is time that dogs start making demands as well. 

Via: Jim Benton



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The Best New Comics From Jim Benton’s New Book

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