Here Are 15 Funny Comics Showing How Women Function

Deya Muniz, a very talented artist uses sarcastic humor to create comics depicting how women’s brains work. Most women can relate to her comics, they range from small joys to daily issues that women face.

1. How workout plan goes. Every. Single. Time.

Day 1: I am gonna exercise every day

Day 2: OMFG! I can’t move my limbs.

Day 3: Meh, I look amazing the way I do now. Fuck perfect body-image.

comic 1
Via Facebook: Deya Muniz

2. Acting upon a diet plan

Diet plans never work. Like never. Well, in most cases. We love food. It is one of the most difficult things for us to not eat everything edible in front of us.

comic 2
Via Facebook: Deya Muniz

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3. We are hopelessly hopeful creatures

In one second we think the worst of everything and the next second we see a sweet tiny animal and we think life is perfect.

comic 3
Via Facebook: Deya Muniz

4. There is nothing we love more than a comfortable bed

If we get to stay in bed all day, we could be the happiest species on Earth.

comic 4
Via Facebook: Deya Muniz



Here Are 15 Funny Comics Showing How Women Function

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