These Are The Most Common Style Mistakes Men Make Everyday

What you wear and how you wear it not only affects you but everybody around you as well. Nobody likes a person without a style. Of course, casual is cool but not always, right? Your dressing style is basically the way you choose to present yourself to the outside world. Dressing better sets you apart as the guy who “gets it.” It automatically boosts your confidence, improves the way you look and also changes the way people look at you and treat you. We’re not saying you need to give your wardrobe a complete makeover, you just need to follow a few tips to update your look and rediscover style with a few simple changes. Here are 10 common ways men are dressing wrong and this is what you need to do.

Rolling Sleeves

Don’t just unbutton your shirt sleeves and stuff your sleeves all the way up. Not only does that look awfully messy but your sleeves will roll down eventually during the day as well. Instead, try a more professional look, the master sleeve roll. All you need to do is, unbutton your shirt, roll your shirt sleeve up to your elbow and then roll it one more time. This way your sleeve stays nice and snug around your forearm and also looks a lot neater. It’s quick, it’s sharp and you’ll be attracting a lot of people. *wink*

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Tucking Your Shirt In Correctly

To avoid having your shirt look like a muffin top, here’s what you need to do. Grab the excess fabric on the both sides of the shirt, fold it back and tuck it in nicely. All you need now is a good belt, and we’re done.

Via youtube: teachingmensfashion

Sunglasses/Hats Indoors

We see this all the time, guys wearing sunglasses and hats indoors and that’s where you’re making the mistake. Wearing sunglasses and hats indoors doesn’t really give the best impression, it’s pretty much the same as playing football in your living room.

Wrist Watch

Men who don’t wear a watch? You’re letting go of a great opportunity to improve your style. Since jewelry is already hard enough for men to pull off, wearing a watch is never going to go wrong, it is without any doubt the EASIEST way to look 10 times better than you do WITHOUT a watch.

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Leather Shoes

Do you think leather shoes are only dressy shoes and for boardroom meetings? Well, you’re wrong. Leather shoes can be worn with jeans. Not only that, leather loafers look totally sexy with shorts.


Sneakers are great but not if you’re wearing them ALL the time and EVERYWHERE. Do not limit your style. There’s a variety of shoes that you can find and that promise to make you look way better than sneakers do. Remember, experiment with new styles and don’t be afraid of change.

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Socks And Belts

Unless you’re doing something athletic? NEVER wear white socks. Invest in socks that compliment your wardrobe. Same goes for your belt. Wear a belt that goes with the shoes. Black shoes, brown belt? NOPE!

When To Tuck In

Tuck formal shirts in which are longer with a straighter hem. On the other hand, if your shirt is shorter and usually above your wrist, do not tuck it in.

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Flappy Collar

Flimsy, flappy collars are the worst and make you look cheap, and completely ruin your overall look. Invest in magnetic collar stays to keep a sharp and professional look.

Dressing Appropriately

Don’t be the guy who shows up at a formal event in shorts. Dress for the occasion. Always make sure you’re dressing appropriately in order to make the best of the impressions.

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