So going to a dentist is a very scary thing to do. The dentist may pretend to be all friendly and nice but we know that this person is soon going to drill holes in our teeth and literally put in needles everywhere. However, Jimmy Fallon asked people to share the craziest reasons why their dentist is weird. Check them out and be scarred for life:

Via: Bored Panda

1. It is scary how a little slip could literally convert it into a brain surgery. 

Eeee. Creepy.

2. I agree with this guy. No matter how properly you brush your teeth, the decay just manages to come somehow.

These dentists are no good.

3. I think it must have been a traumatizing experience considering the kind of equipment he had in his hand with your mouth right open in front of him. 

4. You probably started regretting the idea of changing your dentist then and there!

SOURCEBored Panda
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