We Bet You Can’t Survive A Night At This Creepy Crown Motel

How about we test your courage? If you’re up for it, try spending a night at the creepy Clown Motel of Tonopah, in the middle of the Nevada Desert. This place is popping with grinning clowns, but that’s not the worst part, there is also an abandoned cemetery right next to the motel.

If you’re thinking this is some kind of joke, it’s not. This Clown Motel is actually very real. It’s not new because for over 10 years it has been catering to truckers, long-haul drivers and tourists traversing the Nevada desert. But we bet those suffering from coulrophobia – the fear of clowns – tend to stay well away even if it means driving dozens of miles to the next town.

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There’s an old Tonopah cemetery located right next to the motel to make the whole thing worse. This motel was established in 1901 and filled to capacity by 1911, the cemetery is occupied by 300 human corpses, including 14 of the 17 gold miners who died in a horrific underground fire, 104 years ago, as well as a number of locals who died of a mysterious plague in 1902.

The big lighted sign of a grinning, juggling clown outside the hotel is definitely not inviting enough to spend the night. However, it gets even worse once you set foot inside the motel.