This Is What A Cup Of Coffee Does To Your Body

Coffee is almost everybody’s favorite beverage. You have to have it early morning; your sort of preparation for the day ahead, then you have to have it when you are at your workplace, and then you have to have it again during the day with different intervals.

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And then there are people like me, who would want a cup of coffee, solitude, a book, or just my thoughts, and life would be a perfect bliss. We just simply romanticize the whole notion, and coffee is a mandatory part of it, and if there is some rain, that would be more than perfect.

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Well, enough about all that.

Coffee is not just a simple beverage to coffee lovers, it’s more of a need. When you take your first sip the aroma fills up your nose and the taste of coffee in your mouth- that’s nothing short of heaven.

For all the people who consume coffee and like to know what it does to your body, here is everything you need to know.

Note: There would be a lot of enticing pictures of coffee. We are warning you.

First 10 minutes

In the first ten minutes after you have your coffee, the caffeine enters the bloodstreams in your body. Your blood pressure and heart rate start to rise.

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This Is What A Cup Of Coffee Does To Your Body

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