This Cool Dad Photoshops His Son Into Epic Dreamlike Scenes Using His Skills

Digital artist Adrian Sommeling creates surreal images using photo composition, Photoshop, and his expert image-manipulation skills. Adrian is also a photographer and apart from his amazing skills, what makes his work more amazing is that his dream-like pictures feature his own son.

Let’s go cycling, with the Ferris wheel as my tire!

Tulip as an oar, we love this creation!

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Adrian says, “I do not only work for my clients. In my spare time I do love creating photos out of surreal situations, very often my own son is the main character within the scene through him I disclose my own past and future stories.”

Looking for monsters under the bed ..

After practicing fine arts for many years, Adrian found digital art more interesting and appealing. “What used to be canvas, oils and brushes have given way to my pc or laptop screens and the digital brushes in Photoshop,” Adrian said.

The longest day of the year past bye. The days will get shorter again. My son hits the sun the back again to the south 😉

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His pictures featuring his son and himself at times show them in extraordinary scenarios such as flying on the wing of an airplane, riding a rhinoceros, skating on a skyscraper and so many more.

Accidentally ran over this one, they’re EVERYWHERE!