Deluded People Who Believe They Look Like Celebrities

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There are some people who are a little more mistaken than all of us generally are. They have these sky-high levels of self-confidence, which makes them a lot more deluded than anybody else. Here is a list of some people who assumed that they look like some celebrities. Check these out:

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1. I really wish we could show this to Jenna Dewan Tatum and listen to what she has to say about this. Channing Tatum will either jump off the cliff or throw this boy down. 

Via: Reddit

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2. I promise you that if Taylor Swift sees this, she will definitely write a song about this. 

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3. We want you to go through all the possible photos of Beyonce available on the internet from when she was a little girl to when she became Queen B. You will not find a single photo of hers that resembles this face. 

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Deluded People Who Believe They Look Like Celebrities

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