How Would Have a 56-years-old Princess Diana Looked

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Lady Diana Spencer, the fourth child of Earl Spenser, tied the knot with the Prince of Wales on 29th July 1981. With royalty in her blood, her enchanting facial features and perfect blond hair, her poise, and her philanthropic spirit, it was natural for the British people to crown her their beloved Princess.

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As she represented the monarchy of England globally, the international public was in awe of her elegance and humbleness. From being a 20-years-old daughter-in-law of the Palace to being a devoted social worker and then being surrounded by controversy to her tragic death, her journey was a remarkable one.

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Following are glimpses into her life from the day the world recognized her as Prince Charles’ charming wife to the day she departed, starting with a portrayal of how would have this epitome of beauty looked had she been alive today.

This is how the internet sees an aged Diana:

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16-years-old Diana was an admirer of the 26-years-old royal son, who was then dating her elder sister Sarah

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After her sister denied being in love with Charles, Diana met him and was thrilled. She shared her excitement with her music teacher 

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How Would Have a 56-years-old Princess Diana Looked

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