Hilarious Disney Posts That Will Give you Laughing Fits

Disney brightened up the days of our childhood. The princes, princesses, and their tales not only entertained us but also did our moral training. However, those very movies are also responsible for the unrealistic romantic expectations many of us have. As we grow up and realize that the world is not even close to what was portrayed in our favorite childhood stories, the best is to find humor in the life of those characters. Here are some posts where Disney fans are being hilarious critics of the fairyland:

1. Sleeping beauty vs you

Not a prince’s soft kiss, but mom’s yelling wakes you up.

Via: Buzzfeed

2. Why Disney why?

The tall, handsome, loving and super rich Prince Charming is not the only made-up creature and the grow up me doesn’t care anymore.

3. Toys would have toyed with toys then

Imagine talking dildos.


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4. Cruel hairdressers

We are sure you too wondered how in world wasn’t Repunzal mad at Flynn Rider for cutting her hair like that.


5. Did you notice Alladin has no nipples?

Too manly to be trusted…


6. You used to be a Disney fan but now it’s your daughter

“Life is no fairytale young lady”




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Hilarious Disney Posts That Will Give you Laughing Fits

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