Disney princesses have been the absolute dream girls of little girls.

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However, here is a little twist that will force you to never look at your favourite Disney princesses in the same way again.

1. Remember Rapunzel with her shiny long hair inviting a prince to climb up the tower for her?

Well here is how she would like as that horrifically scary girl from The Ring.

You will not want Rapunzel to let her hair down now, right?

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2. Remember Snow White in that beautiful dress of hers being an absolute darling and taking care of the dwarfs?

Well, she had to be revived from death by a prince, but it looks like no one will want to revive this one.

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3. Aladdin and Jasmine have been a top favorite by our parents because they didn’t want us to talk to strangers.

Who would want to talk to strangers if his princess would look like an evil Predator?

Via: Kate Maxwell
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