This Dog Is Pretty Sure She’s The Mom Of This Little Kitten

Already have a dog and thinking of getting another pet but not sure how your dog would react? Well, here’s an interesting story to get you on your feet and put that plan into action.

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When a couple adopted Opal from their local animal shelter in mid-September after fostering her for a few weeks, they weren’t sure how she would react to other animals. This adorable 6 year old dog loves her new home and can’t seem to get enough of her owners.

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“She loves being petted,” Macy Thorne, Opal’s mom, told the media. “When you try to stop petting her she’ll paw at you and lay her head in your hand.”

Macy and her husband were so thrilled about adopting Opal and the experience turning out to be so great that the both were considering about adopting a kitten too. “We weren’t entirely sure how Opal would respond to the kitten,” Thorne said. “We have no idea of Opal’s past before the shelter and had no way of knowing if she would be okay with cats.”

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Unsure of how the experience would turn out for their baby, the couple gave the idea. However, turned out Thorne’s sister’s boyfriend needed somebody to cat-sit his six week old kitten Roxxy. Upon Roxxy’s arrival, the couple’s fear regarding Opal quickly evaporated.

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Opal became obsessed with Roxxy as soon as she arrived and let out a loud meow.  “Opal loved Roxxy from the minute she saw her,” Thorne said. “She immediately went into Mommy mode. Opal kept trying to clean her, pick her up, followed Roxxy everywhere she went.”

Via: thedodo



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This Dog Is Pretty Sure She’s The Mom Of This Little Kitten

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