These Adorable Dogs Are Protesting Against Trump And Have Something To Say

We’re all aware of the tensions that took a rise since Donald Trump was sworn into office, people all over the country have taken to the streets and protesting against his actions. Especially when Donald Trump signed an executive order banning citizens from seven countries from entering the U.S., these protests increased to a whole new level increasing the heat more than ever. But people were not the only ones who were protesting, there were some special guest appearances too, many demonstrators brought their dogs along.

Dogs love everyone but turns out these politically aware dogs did not like Mr President’s actions and also took to the streets with their parents to remind everyone that love will always trump hate. Take a look at these adorable pictures of these dogs who are making sure they get heard .. Trust me, Trump better not mess with these beauties, they’re threatening to pee on his wall too ..

I’m a refugee from Azerbaijan and I don’t bite ..

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He doesn’t even have a dog .. OH MY GOD!


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I LOVE ALL PEOPLE. #DogsAgainstTrump

World-Wide Welcome

Pupper Liberty spotted in Battery Park NYC

Geplaatst door Christina Angelina op zondag 29 januari 2017



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These Adorable Dogs Are Protesting Against Trump And Have Something To Say

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