Drunk Woman Exchanged Amusing Tweets With A Customer Services Representative

Drunk tweeting is not the best idea, more often than not it turns out to be awkward. You say unimaginable nonsensical stuff, which does not make much sense once you are out of the drunken state.

But there is an exception to every rule. Such as in the case of a British Vlogger, Lucy D’Agostino. She drunk texted a customer service representative and it turned out to be pretty amusing.

Last night ✨

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Last weekend, she shared a Twitter message exchange while she was in a drunken state with a customer service representative of a famous fashion website, Boohoo. And was it hilarious?

“I messaged them last night at 2am with a question mark because they hadn’t replied to me,” she told in a vlog, “And then someone replied.”

She shared the comical exchange on the internet, and like anything worth it, the post got viral.

You could read the full conversation here:

Via: Twitter
convo 2
Via: Twitter

Abul seems to be one of those employees who are always ready to go extra miles for their duties. He also seems to be a person with a genuine heart and an excellent sense of humor.
Next time you are drunk and you need to make a choice between kebabs and chips, you know the answer. all thanks to the amazing Abul.

People on twitter responded with their own thoughts

This girl is pretty excited for Lucy!

And this girl is legit worried for her safety. 

People appreciated  her wit all around the world. 

Already quite a famous vlogger made Abul famous too. People applauded him for his services.


Lucy had some great things to say about Abul. 

And he is the new hero. 



Drunk Woman Exchanged Amusing Tweets With A Customer Services Representative