16 Easy And Fascinating Science Experiments For Your Kids

Looking for fun stuff to do with your kids? Look no more. Here’s our selection of 16 best science experiments that are going to fascinate your children and make science fun for them and you as well. These experiments don’t require any special preparations or knowledge. Take a look below at these super easy experiments and get to work with your children for a fun ride.

Ask your child to paint one paper plate while you draw the silhouette of a chameleon on the another one. Cut out the silhouette and join your 2 plates together using the button snap. Now ask your child to rotate the plates and the chameleon will change color!

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Cut off about 1.5 cm from the bottom end of a candle in order to expose the wick. Grasp the needle using the pliers, heat it up using the lighter, driving it into the middle of the candle. Place it on the edge of the 2 glasses and light the candle from both ends. When you rock it slightly back and forth, the candle will begin to move by itself.

Draw a rainbow and some clouds with a marker and color them. Place the piece of paper with the drawing inside the plastic file tracing over the top of it with the marker directly onto the plastic file. Insert the second, blank piece of paper over the top. When your child slides the top piece of paper in and out of the file, the rainbow will change black and white to colourful.


Place skittles in a circle around the plate and then pour a little water into the center. What you’ll see will fascinate you!