15 Effective And Easy Tricks For Drivers You’ll Thank Us Later For

We all know how sad and frustrating every winter can get for drivers. Don’t worry, we’ve got these super easy and effective tricks for you people and you’ll be thanking us later for sure.

Ways To Clean Ice And Snow From Windows And Rear-View Mirrors

To prevent windows icing, mix 3 parts of vinegar and 1 part of water: spray it over the windshield, and leave for a night. You’ll still have to clean off the snow, but it’ll be much easier to do.

Lifting the wipers, and leaving them this way overnight will make sure they don’t stick to the windshield.   Remember to park your car so it faces east, the morning sun will melt the ice and help clean the car a little faster.

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Use a dry cloth to rub alcohol to help you clean snow from the windows much faster.

A dry cloth and rubbing alcohol will help you clean snow from the windows much faster.

Common plastic bags can help to protect rear-view mirrors from icing during the night.

Ways To Protect Locks And Doors From Icing

Did you know, a hand sanitizer can help you open frozen car locks and doors.