Don’t you  just love how you can in the space of just a few minutes, find recipes for the tastiest cupcakes, or look up how to fix stuff without going through much trouble?

But sometimes you have to go through a vast body of knowledge to get the information we need, and this can take hours rather than minutes. Right? But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some quick and effective tips for you to help make searching on Google WAY, WAY easier and faster. Take a look at them below and try them next time you want to look up something in a crisis.

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Apples or Bananas?
Don’t remember something correctly and don’t know how to begin your search? No problem.  Just put in a few potential variations of what you’re looking for, and separate them by typing the “|“ symbol. Instead of this symbol you can also use ”or.” This will help you figure out which one were you actually looking for or expecting to find.
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Using Synonyms
If you need to find websites on a given subject rather than those that include a specific phrase, all you  need to do is add the “~” symbol to your search. For example, if you search for the term “healthy ~food” you’ll be able to find the principles of healthy eating, cooking recipes, as well as healthy dining options.
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Quick Search
Read an interesting article on a website and want to share it with your friends or simply reread it? The easiest way to  is to search within the website. To do this, type the address of the site, then a key word or entire phrase from the article, and you’ll find it immediately.
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