Ever Wonder Where Thor Really Was During Captain America: Civil War?

You’ve got to admit you were all a little dispirited due to Thor’s absenteeism in the Captain America: Civil War movie. His AWOL was uncharted and unjust to be honest. However, Marvel has released a short Mock-umentary in the international comic con, dubbed Civil War: Team Thor, explaining where Thor really was and what he was really up to.

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Source: Marvel Youtube Channel

Directed by Taika Waititi, who is currently directing Thor: Ragnarok, the mockumentary shows the newly single Thor was to found in Australia. He has been always enchanted by how mortals live, and he is there just because.He lives with a roommate named Darryl, who is sweet, indifferent to the fact that Thor is a superhero, and works in an office. Thor seems to bother him in office hours to some extent but Darryl doesn’t really mind. I mean, who would? Thor calls Darryl, D for his own amusement, which we think is an incredibly attempt to act like a mortal young adult.

Source: Marvel Youtube Channel

Thor seems to appreciate most of his mortal vacation by making a chart, analyzing what infinity stones are and the purple guy stuck in the chair, Thanos, really is. Other times, he is just trying to patch up things between Tony Stark and Captain America and dig up some dirt on his team mates. We are not sure if it is the envy speaking, but Thor wants to make his own team, him and Darryl.

Thor wasn’t the only one absent during the Civil War brawl, Hulk was not there, too. In the mockumentary, he appears to meet Thor in a coffee shop. Thor is dressed in a funny half-mortal half-god way. (And also, did you notice his denim shorts? Wow)

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Thor objects Bruce how Tony hasn’t approached him or replied to his emails. Funnily enough, Tony Stark calls Bruce in the middle of their meeting. As it turns out, the only reason Tony couldn’t get back to Thor was he couldn’t send a raven.



The video, posted on Twitter and Facebook, also shows just how close Thor and Mjolnir are. Thor even has a cute little bed made for Mjolnir, where it rests with all its mighty. It’s good though Thor’s hammer gets a little break. Mjolnir must get tired from doing all the ass-kicking!

It is reportedly said that the main reason Thor and The Hulk were not included in Captain America: Civil War is that both the characters were extremely intimidating. It would have created a power imbalance in the movie and an innocent family feud would have casually turned the Earth into ashes. Tony Stark did not contact Thor because he was too afraid he’d choose the wrong side, which actually makes sense. Anyhow, Thor will be soon moving out of the apartment and fighting bad guys again. The release of the video before the release of Thor: Ragnarok in November, 2016 is undoubtedly intelligent. Nice work, Marvel.

The short film, “Team Thor”, will be available on blu-ray and digital releases in this November.

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Ever Wonder Where Thor Really Was During Captain America: Civil War?