15 Creepy Face Swaps That Will Freak You Out!

When Snapchat brought out the face swap feature, everyone went nuts! There were some hilarious results, but some people decided to freak out other people!

Snapchat’s feature became more sensitive but some witty people found other ways.

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Here are some face swaps that are not ordinary but will definitely freak you out a lot!

1. This little girl and her daddy look a little too real….

I am being creeped out!

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2. This looks like a weird cross between a goat and an inter-terrestrial creature.

Not sure whether to laugh or hide.

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3. “The new born baby just looks like his dad” has been redefined to a whole new level.

And it is a hilarious redefinition.

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15 Creepy Face Swaps That Will Freak You Out!

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